Justin Ayo. Can be recruited for the BoS. Doctor Madison Li. Patriot. Liam Binet. Your son. Father. Sturges is a character in Fallout 4.. He is a tinkerer who likes to fix and build stuff, but is not good with guns. Initially found in the Museum of Freedom in Concord, he later migrates with the rest Preston's men to help settle down and rebuild Sanctuary.

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Date Characters: Thompson, a deceased mercenary with Talon Company in Fallout 3. Alice Thompson, a child living in the Institute in Fallout 4. AliceThompson.txt, dialogue for Alice Thompson in Fallout 4. Enrico Thompson, a scientist in the Institute in Fallout 4. EnricoThompson.txt, dialogue for Fallout 4 Wiki will guide you with information on weapons, armor, enemies, perks, maps, guides and walkthroughs. Sign In. Help.

Bugs After the quest "Pinned" he changes his coat from yellow to blue, despite still being a member of the facilities division. Enrico Thompson (username Thompson.E) is a member of the Institute's Facilities division in 2287.

Fallout 4 enrico thompson

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Fallout 4 enrico thompson

It should be noted that siding with The Institution could mean your relationship with other factions is negatively impacted.

In Fallout 4, during these side quests there will be moments when you can change your Guía Fallout 4 Compañeros X6-88 -Seleccionar la opción de diálogo de que merece la pena cuando hables con Enrico Thompson en la misión del Instituto Atrapado. Fallout 4 : True Ending (fanfic) Hey all, I wrote this because I was thoroughly unsatisfied about how some characters and choices were portrayed in the game.
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I havent seen anything to suggest breeding partners have been brought in but they could have easily taken samples from above ground or from FEV subjects.