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Treatment will depend upon the type of discoid meniscus. Complete and incomplete discoid menisci with no tears are typically treated with saucerization, a procedure in which the meniscus is cut and re-shaped into a crescent. the meniscus (Fig 1) along with an unstable posterior horn in a discoid lateral meniscus, which was subse-quently treated with saucerization and peripheral repair (Fig 2) by an inside-out technique (Video 1). Surgical Technique A traditional knee arthroscopy setup is adequate to perform arthroscopic-assisted discoid lateral meniscal A discoid meniscus is a congenital (born with) variant of the normal meniscus. Instead of being shaped like a cashew nut, the meniscus is more oval or disk shaped. Occasionally it has a normal shape with abnormal attachment to the surrounding structures. It tends to occur in the outer (lateral) meniscus.

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Some require surgery and others repair themselves without it. Learn when surgery may be needed. Jonathan Cluett, MD, is board-certified in orthopedic surgery. He served as assistant team physician to Surgeons launch programs to encourage patients to exercise and eat healthy before they come in for an operation.

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In the past, surgical intervention  Discoid lateral meniscus is an intra-articular knee disorder that typically presents in children and scopic surgery, which is mainly caused by neglected insidi-. Discoid meniscus is a congenital abnormality of the lateral compartment of the knee and not only a big meniscus The leading cause of non traumatic snapping  The congenital abnormality, discoid meniscus, is more prone to injuries while Surgery for this condition is performed with knee arthroscopy, a minimally  10 patients underwent arthroscopic removal of the central and tom portions of the lateral discoid meniscus, leaving a semilunar-shaped peripheral portion. Saucerization of a large discoid lateral meniscus in an eight year old girl with knee pain.

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Discoid meniscus surgery

The minimal follow-up period was 5.5 years (weighted mean follow-up: 9.1 years). Surgical procedures were performed with open or arthroscopic partial central meniscectomy, subtotal meniscectomy, total meniscectomy, or partial meniscectomy with repair. The majority of the studies showed good clinical results. Complete and incomplete discoid menisci with no tears are typically treated with saucerization, a procedure in which the If the discoid meniscus is also torn, the surgeon may perform a saucerization and then trim away the torn portion. Some The hypermobile Wrisberg form of discoid meniscus is 1991-03-01 · Key Words: Meniscectomy-Lateral discoid menisciOperative techniques-Repeated surgery. Arthroscopic meniscectomy has become a popular treatment in recent years. However, some patients required repeated surgery due to unsatisfactory results after the initial arthroscopic surgery (1,2), suggesting the need for reevaluation of this treatment.

Discoid Meniscus: Histology.- Technique of Meniscoplasty and Meniscal Repair in Children.- Meniscus Lesions in Children-Indications and Results.- Synthesis. important when distinguishing between partial and complete tear and when repair. longitudinal drill holes in patella; nonabsorbable sutures in tendon in a  Bypass2019Ingår i: Obesity Surgery, ISSN 0960-8923, E-ISSN 1708-0428, Vol. of the risk of new meniscal tears after anterior cruciate ligament injury2020Ingår i: Laser therapy for refractory discoid lupus erythematosus when everything  fetal fibronectin to predict preterm birth in women with previous cervical surgery After Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy for Torn Discoid Lateral Meniscus. (författare); Discoid Labral Meniscus Covering Two-Thirds of a Type C Glenoid: A Case Report; 2021; Ingår i: Orthopaedic Surgery. - 1757-7853. ; 13:1, s.
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Discoid meniscus surgery

Recovery times for meniscal repair surgery vary greatly. The doctor’s prescribed rehabilitation plan and the estimated time needed for healing will depend on: The severity of Discoid menisci are a congenital meniscal variant commonly seen in the lateral compartment, with sporadic reporting of medial cases. It is reported to be present bilateral in up to 20% of patients. There is thought to be abnormal meniscal composition and altered knee kinematics causing increased incidence of tears and instability in the meniscus. This study was to observe the effect of arthroscopic surgery combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in the treatment of discoid meniscus injury of knee joint and its influence on serum inflammato Rehabilitation Protocol for Meniscus Repair This protocol is intended to guide clinicians and patients through the post-operative course for a meniscus repair.

Se hela listan på njorthoinstitute.com The discoid meniscus is an anatomical variant of the normal meniscus where it is broader and saucer-shaped. There are variations in incidence in various population groups ranging from 0.4-17% for lateral discoid meniscus and 0.1-3 % for medial discoid meniscus. Discoid medial menisci have been reported sporadically in the literature, and their incidence is much lower than that of discoid lateral menisci.
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But if they don’t work, you may need surgery. Find out what is involved The goal of meniscus surgery is to preserve healthy meniscus tissue.

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If the discoid meniscus is also torn, the surgeon may perform a saucerization and then trim away the torn portion. Saucerization of a large discoid lateral meniscus in an eight year old girl with knee pain. There is a tear within the substance of the meniscus causing pai I have meniscus injuries in my both knees doctors have decided arthoscopy of my right knee.I am doing well in my dialy routine pain is very much in control the only thing i m willing for arthoscopy is that i m afraid that this tear may cause further damage &future problems although i had this injury 4 years ago.MRI findings are stated below.1.ACL is intact;no evidence of any areas of increased intensity in the region of ACL.2.PCL appears normal.3.Loss of bow like appearance of medial A discoid lateral meniscus is an anatomical condition that is unique to the lateral meniscus and may require surgery correction.